Community Outreach & Social Services Ministry (COSS)

Visitation - of members in hospital and nursing homes
Official Visitors from Faith Temple Deacon Daniel Johnson, Evangelist Emma Henderson and Evangelist Edwards, Sister Rosalee White, and Sister Nadine Ruffin

Prison Ministry
Evangelist Denise Plummer
Evangelist Ethel Edwards

By the Way Mission on Mondays Night
Sister Rosalee White
Sister Willella Talamadge
Sister Kim Timms

Housing Unemployment and Food Assistance
Sister Hancy Davis
Sister Lisa Chavis
Sister Millicent Lyons

Drug & Acohol Addictions
Brother Jimmie Edwards

If you need information on these ministries please call our dedicated phone line at 973-677-7617 and leave a message for the contact person listed under the desired ministry.